Rendezvous Plus

July 29-August 2, 2020 | Alaska, USA

Rendezvous Plus is a 5-day event aimed at 17 year old (post high school) to 26 year old Missionary Kids in the Church of the Nazarene. These transcultural adults are in “real time” transition and navigating cultural re-entry. Through activities, teaching, group discussions, small groups and games we equip our MKs with the tools they need to transition to their adult life. They are encouraged, challenged and equipped in cross cultural awareness and re-entry transition, emphasizing their identity in Christ and healthy relationships, as well as the assets and strengths they have. R+ allows them to connect with trained leaders and with other MKs who are also currently working through re-entry. R+ takes place every year and is open to MKs from every region!

Ever wondered how you can better utilize your God given talents? We offer our participants personal StrengthsFinder coaching; this is a valuable time for self-reflection and building deeper awareness of self and others. Once you know how you’re already using your talents, in your relationships and in every aspect of your life, you are better able to develop these talents into strengths. Using your strengths you can cultivate healthy relationships with family and friends, and grow into a career that fits who God has made you to be.

Rendezvous Plus 2020

The next Rendezvous Plus is happening in beautiful Alaska. For security purposes, we are not publicly listing the exact location of R+. Please email Hayley Tarrant htarrant@globalnaz.org, who is handling R+ registration and logistics, for event location and details.

Getting There

There are many many people all over the world who believe YOU should be at Rendezvous Plus and have generously made donations to help cover the cost of making R+ happen. All you need to do is get yourself there! If you feel that you cannot fund your travel expenses, please let us know and we will help you get there.

Raising Support

Did you know that you can use deputation funds towards your travel expenses? Also, consider raising support through your family, friends and your local church. LINKS may also be a source of funding for you.

Rendezvous Plus Article - Engage Magazine Aug 2014

Rendezvous Plus
All Regions
Email Hayley Tarrant: htarrant@globalnaz.org

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Amanda Johnson

"Rendezvous Plus was, for me, a life changer. The weekend that we spent at Golden Bell Camp changed me so much, and gave me such a different perspective on life around me; where I had once felt that I was completely alone in my struggles and feelings of loneliness, a new feeling of community and understanding began to grow. I was able to create new friendships, and further develop those that I had already established.

Before I went to Rendezvous Plus, I had felt very distant from God, and I felt as if my prayers weren't going past the ceiling. After Rendezvous Plus, however, I felt that God was close to me, and was once again directing me in the way that I should be going. I believe that this is in part because of what Rendezvous Plus taught me about the grieving process that we as MKs must go through when it is our time to leave the country and culture that we have made our own. It taught me not to find my identity in people and places, but in Christ, for people and places will leave us, but God is with us forever. Rendezvous Plus changed me, and I am so thankful for the leaders who loved each and everyone of us and cared so much for our personal and spiritual lives. My only regret is that Rendezvous comes only once a year, but I know that I have a new community who will be there in prayer until I see them again."

Amanda Johnson, Rendezvous Plus 2014