Asia Pacific, Mesoamerica & South America Regions

Rendezvous is a 5-day event aimed at 14-18 year old (high school aged) Missionary Kids in the Church of the Nazarene. Through activities, teaching, group discussions, small groups and games we help them prepare for culture re-entry and cultural transitions. Being able to navigate two or more cultures is a valuable skill. Rendezvous celebrates that MKs are trans-cultural, and that their being so is truly an asset.

Rendezvous has already taken place on the Asia Pacific Region and the Mesoamerica & South America Regions. The Eurasia and Africa regions will be hosting their own Rendezvous events in the near future also!

Future Rendezvous Events

Rendezvous Asia Pacific
January 2019
Contact: Dave Hane
Email: dhane@apnaz.org

Rendezvous was an experience that I can’t even put into words.

"Rendezvous was an experience that I can't even put into words. I learned many things, met amazing people and shared unique experiences. I loved everything from the sessions to free times, from small groups to sleepless nights. I'm so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity."

Participant, Rendezvous Asia Pacific 2015